Our production line is GMP certified since 2002 and complied with strict standards.

  • Raw material check

    The chemical, physical and microbiological tests are applied to all raw materials.The raw material must have the COA guaranteed by international suppliers.


  • Package check

    The leakage of the packaging will take at normal pressure and under high pressure. The physical properties of the package, cleanliness, size, symmetry, damage and printing quality, will be tested. Besides, the sampling for microbiological control will be randomized upon request.


  • Quality control of products before filling

    Every single lot of the products must pass the chemical, physical and microbiological testing.


  • Package check after cleaning

    The physical and microbiology contamination sampling will be arranged to ensure the efficiency of cleaning process.


  • In-line check

    There are weight record and quality sampling. The sanitary of the filling room and staff is controlled.


  • Finished product check

    The labeling process is recorded for traceability. The final package is also checked before delivering to the warehouse.The document and examination GMP are FDA compliance through the process line which can be traced. The product will be kept for 2 years due to shelf-life examination and it will be test every 6 months.