Research and Development

Research and Development

Our products are created with the elaborate research, cutting-edge innovation from famous scientists around the world. We aim to bring the best products to the consumers without inappropriate marketing.


Formulation service

Procedure and conditions
1. Formulating following with marketing concept of a customer. The   fee is depending on the complexity of the formulation and repeating order for testing.
2. Stability testing consumes 1-3 months. The testing procedure as follow,
2.1 Color and stability testing in 45 °C for 4 weeks to guarantee 1-2 years.
2.2 Color and stability testing in 37 °C for 16 weeks to guarantee 1-2 years.
3. Packaging testing. Leakage and compatibility of products and

packages.The procedure for your own brand

1. Identify your products
– Category: Face care/body care/cosmeceuticals or spa products
– Qualification: Whitening/anti-ageing/acne care/firming or other  special qualifications. Please also provide the information of the active ingredients.
–  Texture: cream/gel/serum/lotion. Color. Scent: aroma/fashion. If possible, please provide the sample.
– Specify your target customers for arranging appropriate budget.
2. Feasibility evaluation
Our R&D department will evaluate the formulation. In case of positive feasibility, the sample will be sent to the customer for an approval. If not, we will cancel the project.
3. Package compatibility testing.
The customer should prepare the package to us for compatibility testing. Normally, the test will be finished in 1 month including leakage testing.
4. FDA approval
The company will be an agent of the customer to register the product and trade name to Thai FDA with appropriate claim.
The design of the label and package might be provided for approval.
5. Signing the contract
6. Filling and packing
The package must be delivered to us. Then, the filling fee will be noticed. Any defect of the package or cleansing will be charged.
7. Production time
The time consumption depends on various manipulated factors. Normally, it takes 3 weeks.